Namaste is a universal word in the yoga world. It means “good will.” However, what is the deeper definition and what are considered Namaste yoga poses? Namaste yoga poses are poses (anas) and postures that concentrate on self-focus and introspection. It is an exercise that provides “oneness” so people can clean their innermost thoughts from interruptions and chaos from the outside world. (I sometimes like to think of it as a vacuum cleaner for the mind and soul!)

The actual word, Namaste, suggests physical points that are directly related to one’s innermost thoughts and spirituality. Namaste yoga is a bowing yoga exercise to help encourage unity to spirit and help keep your focus on the yoga practice. Namaste yoga poses are most often performed by placing your hands near your heart while you bow.  Although the positions can vary, most people point their index fingers up while their fingers stay in a folded position with heads bowed, as though in a prayer position.

A good starting point of any yoga class are Namaste yoga poses. It is also a good ending point for many. Depending on the instructor, it may be both a starting and ending point in the class. Namaste yoga poses help release some of the tensions of the outside world. (we can all relate to that!) Namaste yoga and Namaste yoga poses help you clean your mind of worries, so you can focus more clearly on the workout. It may seem like bowing your head and positioning your hands in a prayer position is easy, however you’d be surprised how difficult it can be for some people. Not the physical act itself, but learning to disengage the mind from the daily grind is not necessarily an easy task. We as a society are overscheduled and pre-programmed to always be in “forward” or “fast-forward thinking” mode. Therefore, It can be tough to turn off your brain! Keep in mind, the idea is to relax.

You will get as much out of the class as you put into it, and if you enter into a yoga practice with a cluttered mind that you can’t clear, you will leave feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Try and prepare your mind by sitting quietly on your yoga mat before class begins. The class members will still be there after class to talk to, the dishes will still be in the dishwasher, your kids and family will still be waiting for you. Honor this time for you, your mind, and your body. In order for you to get the most benefit from any yoga practice, calming the mind is key. Namaste yoga poses are the perfect way to unlock the mind and enter into your own world of peace and calm. Namaste. Peace, love, light.  

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