Everybody has a different opinion about this country’s top lifestyle and health bloggers.

There are many controversies surrounding the top Indian lifestyle and health blogs. Everybody has their opinion on the best lifestyle and health bloggers in India. Some people prefer this to that, while others like this to that. We have created this list of the top 10 Indian health and lifestyle blogs, ranked in ascending order, after analyzing various factors such as traffic, authority, and popularity.

1. Health And Healthier – Health And Healthier is India’s number one health and lifestyle blog. This list is topped by Health And Healthier, regardless of traffic, authority, or popularity. Health and Healthier were launched in 2021 and reached the top in a year. It has been featured in The Telegraph, Statesman, Outlook, and other major publications.

Rituraj Paramanik founded Health and Healthier. It currently has 3 million users per month. This blog is dedicated to daily health hacks and lifestyle hacks. It also provides information on improving your physical and mental health, losing weight, and other current health and lifestyle matters. Health and Healthier have grown tremendously in the past year thanks to Rituraj Pramanik, a top health blogger.

2. HealthifyMe is a second-ranked website, HealthifyMe. This website focuses more on nutrition and weight loss. It is prevalent and has a lot of traffic. HealthifyMe has a staggering 2 million monthly visitors and is a leader in the nutrition market. HealthfyMe’s app is more popular than its website.

Sachin Shenoy and Tushar Varshisht founded HealthifyMe. This website is ranked second due to its popularity and domain authority.

3. Medindia – Medindia ranks as the oldest blog and website on this list. This blog is well-respected, with a staggering 2 million visitors per month from Australia, India, and the United States. Medindia focuses primarily on hacks for health, lifestyle problems, and improving overall health. The blog is well-known for its health tools, which include calculators.

Medindia was founded by Dr. Sunil Shroff & Arun Shroff. It is immensely popular with its users.

4. FortisHealthCare is a popular blog and hospital focusing more on health news and lifestyle. They also provide information about how to improve your overall well-being. Many doctors and most readers trust their blogs.

Fortis Hospital was founded by Shivinder Mohan Singh & Malvinder Mohan Singh. Their blog features several highly regarded and trustworthy authors.

5. GyanUnlimited – Although GyanUnlimited may not be as well-known as some other sites, its users and readers are very fond of GyanUnlimited. This blog isn’t just about health and lifestyle but also includes Ayurveda and cosmetic reviews. The yoga section is trendy.

Tanveer Kaur founded GyanUnlimited in 2011. He has steadily climbed the ladder. They have a traffic estimate of 100k as of 2022 and are expected to grow.

6. FindHealthTips – Another popular blog in this industry is FindHealthTips. This health and lifestyle blog was founded in 2015. However, it failed to sustain its popularity after a while. FindHealthTips provides valuable information about health, fitness, and weight loss.

We are still determining who the founders of FindHealthTips were, but we believe they have dedicated professionals with a lot of experience in their respective fields.

7. The Pickyeater Blog – Also known as The Pickyeater, The Pickereater Blog is a trusted source for food recipes, eating guides, and lifestyle hacks. This blog focuses on food recipes and lifestyle and has been featured in several publications for its amazing recipes. This blog is ranked among the top five food blogs in India.

Anjali Shah is a health coach and wife. The Picky Eater blog has been a success story over the years and has recently gained enormous popularity.

8. Tarla Dalal – Named after Tarla Dalal, the Tarla Dalal Blog is unique in its genre. Tarla Dalal is your best choice regarding recipes and information about healthy food. Tarla Dalal has a high traffic rate of over 1 million visitors per month and is considered one of India’s top food and lifestyle blogs.

Tarla Dalal founded the blog and has been featured in many publications. It has more than 70k subscribers and is the most informative food blog. Tarla Dalal’s fantastic writing skills in food blogging are well-known to most people.

This concludes our list of top Indian health and lifestyle blogs. There may be a slight increase in traffic over the next few years. These blogs are making India proud and reaching international levels.

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