If you’re anything like us, living a fit and healthy lifestyle is your essential life goal. More than ever, there is a renewed understanding of fitness and health. We have a clearer picture of how an unhealthy lifestyle can impact our everyday lives. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for the latest information on how to maintain our health and improve our fitness.

In this digital age, that means people often look online for guidance. It’s now easier than ever to find resources from personal health and fitness experts. To help you stay informed and a step ahead, we’re sharing our top 10 health & fitness blogs we follow. We’ve outlined what they offer and how they’re helping people in the article below.


WebMD provides high-quality articles and videos on the health information that can improve people’s lives. They cover topics such as health, fitness, drugs, and supplements. At Katerra, they’ve helped us learn about asthma triggers, dust mites, and strategies to help improve indoor air quality.

Mind Body Green

At mindbodygreen, you’ll find inspiration to live your best life. This lifestyle media brand is dedicated to helping you connect to wellness. They are leaders in wellness and provide content that will help you care for your mind, body, and soul. We particularly like their take on environmental wellness.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts is a science-based series of nutrition resources. Readers learn how to create a healthier diet through articles, videos, and podcast episodes. Given that we’re sensitive to VOCs found in household goods, we’ve enjoyed the information on the effectiveness of natural cleaning products.


If infographics resonate with you, then AHealthBlog is definitely what you’re looking for. They provide evidence-based health and fitness information.

Be Healthy Now

Be Healthy Now is a UK-based blog focusing on a healthy lifestyle and natural living. The blog aims to educate, inform, motivate and inspire people to help them get healthier. Topics include natural health, healthy recipes, nutrition, fitness, cancer prevention, and natural beauty.

Food Politics

Food Politics is a series of articles and publications focused on news, reviews, and developments within the global food world.

Good Relaxation

GoodRelaxation.com is a wellness magazine that gathers, organizes, and shares world-class advice. The main goal is to inspire and educate people to live healthy and fulfilling life. They are passionate about their message. The information they provide will help you on your journey to wholeness and happiness.

Beverly Simpson Fitness

Beverley Simpson Fitness helps moms. There is fitness information for those expecting, as well as new moms. You’ll learn about building strength, losing weight, and safely returning to exercise.

It would be best if you Got Healthy.

It would help if you Got Healthy is a Health and Fitness blog. It covers various topics to help you on your fitness journey. We’ve always enjoyed their at-home workout ideas (especially for heavily polluted days).

The Healthy Apron

TheHealthyApron.com is a nutrition and fitness blog. The primary purpose is to share accurate, up-to-date, scientifically backed-up information from reliable sources.

The blogs and resources above will help you live a better, healthier lifestyle. A lot of that boils down to understanding the environment you’re in. This includes the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. It is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy and fit.

At Katerra, we believe in knowing what we breathe. We want to help everyone live better by writing about the latest updates and facts about indoor and outdoor air quality. Air quality monitoring is crucial because it is only possible to make meaningful and effective improvements by measuring things that negatively impact our health. We make products to help us identify the pollutants in our air, which enables you to create a healthy home environment.

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